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Small Engine Master with a one of a kind approach. Offering complete repair and maintenance for many brands and types of motorsport equipment ranging from Dirt Bikes, ATV's, UTV's, and scooters.

Dogger Does Vapor Honing

Vapor honing is also known as vapor blasting, aqua blasting, wet blasting, slurry blasting, and dustless blasting. As you can see from all these names, vapor honing is the “wet” version of dry blasting

This is a technology that involves the blasting of abrasive material blast mixed with pressurized water. This mix is called “slurry,” and is pressurized before you hit the surface you’re treating with the pressurized water and abrasive material mix. 

Call to chat with Dogger about Vapor Honing

Dogger Designs


How Can Dogger Help You Today?

Maybe your Snowmobile or ATV isn't running right and needs some service? Or have you been meaning to get the oil changed in your dirt bike and just haven't had time?

Bring it in to see Dogger! 

He has over 25 years of combined experience providing quality service on any type of commercial and residential power equipment from generators, snow blowers, weed wackers and tampers, power washers, chain saws and mowing equipment both walk-behind and riding.


Dogger does it all.


Common repairs and services he performs include oil change, tire change, mechanical repair, brake service, shock replacement, and carb cleaning.

Diagnostic Services

Dogger also offers diagnostic and troubleshooting services. If your machine isn't starting up or you can't keep it running, give him a call and he can perform a troubleshooting check.

What Does He Work On?

Dogger works on most major makes and models of Dirt Bikes, ATVs, UTVs, Street Bikes, and Snowmobiles. Plus he uses high quality racing oils and lubricants to ensure the best care of your machine. 

Major Makes

  • Suzuki

  • Yamaha

  • Honda

  • Beta Motorcycles

  • Husqvarna

  • KTM

  • Arctic Cat

  • Polaris

  • Kawasaki

He can take care of any of Small Engine Repair and Service need.  Dogger can save you time and help you keep your machines running smooth for years to come.


Call Dogger or visit him in person in Medicine Hat. 

How Long Will It Take To Fix Your Machine?

That is a difficult question to answer. It depends on Dogger's work load and the type of repair being performed. He wants to do the best work possible and avoid rushing repairs if he can. Dogger usually schedules a month or so in advance, but sometimes small repairs can be performed more quickly.

When Dogger Designs schedules your repairs, based on what's going on with your machine he can give you a clearer estimate of how long it will take.


before 1.jpg


after 1.jpg


Kawasaki after vapor hone.jpg

Would you believe these carbs are from a 1978 Kawasaki






Stop In To See Dogger In Action

Vintage Motorcycles

Opening Hours

Come Visit Dogger Designs 

With over 25 years of experience in the industry working in all walks of small engine mechanics, Perry Weimer has opened the ultimate shop for small engine and motorsport services

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
Closed Weekends
Please call 403-502-3006 

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