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Vapor Honing

Dogger Does Vapor Honing

Vapor honing is a process that has two uses: cleaning and finishing a surface.


Vapor honing is also known as vapor blasting, aqua blasting, wet blasting, slurry blasting, and dustless blasting. As you can see from all these names, vapor honing is the “wet” version of dry blasting

This is a technology that involves the blasting of abrasive material blast mixed with pressurized water. This mix is called “slurry,” and is pressurized before you hit the surface you’re treating with the pressurized water and abrasive material mix.

When it’s used to clean a surface, the abrasive eliminates the materials you’re removing and the water washes them away. When it’s used to finish a surface, the abrasive smooths down the surface and the water softens it blow. 


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before 1.jpg


Kawasaki after vapor hone.jpg
after 1.jpg


Would you believe these carbs are from a 1978 Kawasaki




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